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Process Serving

We have seen just about everything from mortgage defaults to family matters, so our clients trust us to successfully complete complicated or difficult assignments efficiently and with professional discretion. We are passionate about our work and providing our clients with the best service in the industry.

When you need legal documents served, no company does the job faster and more professionally than Royal Process Serving.

Use Our Services To Increase Your Chances Of Success!

We service clients in Hope, Whistler, Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and in the Sea to Sky regions.

Our process servers are equipped with the knowledge of how the industry works. If any challenges arise, we will provide guidance to ensure service rules are abided by.

We work around the clock and know the best times to serve individuals depending on their occupation and lifestyle. We are experts in finding people you would like to serve documents to. Even in hard to access locations, our service completion rate is among the industry’s highest.

Our team is aware of the confidential nature of the documents they are serving, and we strive to complete services with discretion.

Our Clients Are:

  • Law Firms

  • Individual Lawyers

At West Coast Process Serving You Can Expect:

1. Professional, Prompt, And Courteous Service At Competitive Pricing.

Whether it is a routine service or a rush service request, we work efficiently to ensure services are completed within the requested time frames. We always pick up the documents on the same day as the request.

Additionally, we aim to minimize costs by using the most effective method to serve the documents based on the case. We assign each service to a specific process server rather than passing the assignment between multiple servers. This way, if the recipient is evading service, we are more likely to identify their habits and maximize the odds of a successful service without incurring extra costs for our clients.

2. Correctly Completed And Properly Validated Affidavits.

Affidavits of service are provided expeditiously and without the need for reminders.

3. Clear And Consistent Communication.

We provide our clients with complete summaries of all work performed, including mileage charges, if any, and the number of attempts so our clients can track all progress made on their files. We notify or call our clients if there are unusual circumstances or a delay in service.

What Does A Process Serving Company Do?

A process serving company delivers or “serves” legal documents to notify the defendant, or any other party, of any actions that have been taken against them in a court of law. Process servers personally serve documents on individuals, companies, businesses, partnerships, municipalities, or other entities, so that they are fully notified of the legal proceedings.

Process servers must provide evidence that the legal papers were served. Service can be proven by completing an affidavit of service or proof of service, which in British Columbia, must be sworn before a Commissioner of Oaths. The sworn affidavit is then given to the individual, company, or law firm, who requires the legal documents to be served on the individual.

Process servers must adhere to the laws which govern their province or territory. Since local laws can differ by jurisdiction, process servers may have differing methods of carrying out their service. We are authorized to serve documents in the province of British Columbia.

What Does It Mean To Be Served?

To be legally served means that the defendant has been informed that he or she is being sued in a specific court. No matter where the court is located, the summons must be served in person to the defendant, and this requires a local process serving company to deliver and validate receipt of the appropriate legal documents.

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